La Belle Vie Laboratory, Hair Mineral Analysis Laboratory

Industrialization, Environment Pollution and Health

The U.S., Europe and Japan are paying the price for its rapid industrialization. The price comes in the form of health deterioration, which could affect the next generation, not to mention this generation. Toxic metals are by products of industrialization and modernization and the good life we all strive for today. Some of the affects of toxic metals are quite serious. Symptoms are red light warning, but there are toxic metals working in your body without the warning symptoms at an early stage when detoxification is possible by drinking specially formulated water, changing food diet and taking professionally recommended supplements. Hair Mineral Analysis is a simple, non-invasive, low cost method to detect and measure the level of your toxic metals. While some laboratory may charge less for a hair mineral analysis, it is in your vital interest to select a laboratory that meets certain vigorous quality control standards staffed with highly qualified technicians managed by a qualified laboratory director with pharmacological and toxicological background.

If you or your children have any of the symptoms listed below or fall into one of the categories, we highly suggest having a hair mineral analysis done soon. These are symptoms that are affecting people in concerning numbers. In addition to toxic metals, there are other causes such as mental, emotional or spiritual stress and deficiency of essential minerals. Hair Mineral Analysis is a screening test to assist you and your physician by providing mineral data interpretation and nutritional recommendation.

Symptom or Situation Toxic Metal(s) Involved (partial)
Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder low sodium/potassium ratio, lead, copper and cadmium
Depression copper imbalance, low sodium/potassium ratio
Infertility Deficiency: manganese, selenium, vanadium, zinc, chromium
Migraine Headaches copper
Autistic Disorder mercury
Toxic Metal in the Placenta mercury
Atopy mercury
Alzheimerfs Disease aluminum

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