La Belle Vie Laboratory, Hair Mineral Analysis Laboratory

Company Background

Company Background and Achievements

May 2000

Medical Communications Co., Ltd. (MCC) was founded to conduct hair mineral analysis using the latest analytical instrument, ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma analyzer). MCC was the first laboratory in Japan to test and analyze minerals locally without sending hair samples to the U.S. or Canada.

November 2000

Initial data was accumulated to establish a standard for essential minerals and toxic metals in the human body.

January 2001

MCC relocated its head office and laboratory to Yokohama City to expand its service.

December 2001

In joint effort with the medical facility of Nagasaki University, MCC published an article entitled; "Correlation Between Lumbar-Spine Bone Mineral Density and Hair Mineral Analysis"which appeared in Japanese Society of Integrative Medicine.

January 2002

Capital Partners Co., Ltd., to enhance its laboratory and system technology as well as marketing and sales, acquired MCC. The company name was changed to La Bell Vie, Inc., (LBV) and the entire operation was relocated to Tokyo.

May thru July 2002

LBV was admitted to Japanese Society of Integrative Medicine, Japan Society of Hair Analysis, and Japan Health Association.

July 2002

Began testing for toxic minerals in hair on a commercial basis. LBV was commissioned by Kitasato Laboratory Hospital to conduct hair mineral analysis for a study entitled; "Consideration in Regard to Introduction of the Method for Measuring Poisonous Metals by Hair". This study was presented at the 11th Japan Clinical Environmental Medical Society.

September 2002

Start commercial base testing of drinking water.

November 2002

Reorganized marketing and sales to focus on specialized markets.

Provided hair mineral analysis data to Adults Medical Center, an affiliate of Tokyo Women's Medical University, for the study; "Consideration of Bloodstream Effect by Means of Platinum Photon"

Joint study with the plastic surgery division of Kitasato University, Medical Department, concerning the effects of discharging poisonous metals by means of platinum photon.

Established a partnership arrangement with Akou Corporation to develop products to help discharge toxic metals from the body.

Developed improved data table to facilitate reading hair mineral analysis results.

December 2002

Presented hair analysis program to Lawson Corporation.

Fujimura Hospital agreed to offer hair mineral analysis as an option for their physical checkup program.

May 2003

Entered into an exclusive consulting agreement with Dr. Lawrence Wilson, a physician and nutritionist. Hair mineral analysis has been in practice in the U.S. for over 30 years, and the consulting agreement with Dr. Wilson enabled LBV to gain an in-depth perspective of this time-tested practice using the latest technology.

June 2003

Commenced hair mineral testing for children to confirm first hand, the effect of minerals and their balance with certain symptoms.

Collaboration with Tohoku Universityfs pediatric department to obtain hair mineral analysis data of mentally and physically handicapped children.

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