La Belle Vie Laboratory, Hair Mineral Analysis Laboratory

What is Hair Mineral Analysis?

Hair mineral analysis is a method to determine the amount of minerals accumulated in the hair. The hair accumulates minerals contained in the body and remains in the hair for a few months, whereas minerals excreted into the blood or urine is not constant with time. An accurate data of all essential and toxic minerals obtained from hair mineral analysis can determine which mineral is deficient and need to be replenished or to be removed in case of toxic minerals. Vitamins, which help to absorb minerals, must also be replenished. A trained nutritionist can determine which vitamins might be deficient from the hair mineral analysis data.

The human body consists of 111 known elements, of which 20 are essential minerals. Of these elements, there are 6 that become toxic if the amount exceeds a certain level. Each mineral is antagonistic with another mineral, meaning, if say the amount of calcium in the body becomes high, it works to reduce the amount of magnesium, and in some cases, below the critical level necessitating adjustments. Hair mineral analysis is an ideal non-invasive, simple method, which can provide the data to determine the level of essential and toxic minerals in the body.

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