La Belle Vie Laboratory, Hair Mineral Analysis Laboratory

Role and Activities of Minerals in Your Body

Mineral is one of the Five Nutrition in your body. It adjusts your physiology, creates energy and builds your body.

Five Nutrition

  2. Vitamin
  3. Carbohydrate
  4. Fat
  5. Protein

Your body is made from approximately 60 trillion cells. They need the right balanced nutrition to maintain a healthy body.

The Role Mineral Plays in Your Body

  1. As a body building material, such as your teeth and bone
  2. As a hormone, to help your body grow and control the metabolism
  3. To assist enzyme's metabolic function

Essential Minerals

Essential for body growth and preserving life
Minerals cannot be produced in your body. Deficiency of Essential Minerals in your body can cause illness and may cost you your life.

Toxic Minerals

Deteriorates your body
Mercury and Cadmium have caused much social damage
Mercury poisoning => atopy, autism
Cadmium poisoning => renal deficiency, cancer

Building a Better Body with Minerals

Balancing essential minerals (established the proper ratio between antagonistic minerals) can displace toxic minerals.

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