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What are Toxic Metals?

Toxic metals such as lead or mercury can cause biochemical dysfunction or interfere with the metabolic function. Toxic metals can enter the body through food and water intake or by simply breathing the air. Even before reaching a poisonous level, you may lose your appetite or experience chronic fatigue.

Toxic Metals are found in daily life environment. How will it affect YOU?

Toxic Metals Possible results
Lead (Pb) dull, retarded, anemic, tremors, neuromuscular diseases. Lead replaces calcium in key structures and enzymes.
Mercury (Hg) emotional, hyperactive, the mad hatters' hidden copper toxicity, glandular and immune system dysfunctions, deposits in the kidneys can cause fast oxidation.
Aluminum (Al) forgetful, childish behavior, dementia
Cadmium (Cd) false strength, hardened personality, emotional instability, insecurity. Cadmium elevates sodium, giving the appearance of faster oxidation. Cadmium causes copper to be sequestered, hiding fears.
Arsenic (As) Possible sources of arsenic toxicity include pesticides, beer, table salt, drinking water, paints, pigments, cosmetics, rat poison, and glass and mirror manufacturer, fungicides and wood preservatives.
Beryllium (Be) inflammation in the lungs, scarring and damage of lung tissue causing shortness of breath, wheezing and/or coughing

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